Brad Teodoruk


Brad Teodoruk

Island Hopping In The Pacific 1943 76×61cm acrylic and charcoal on canvas

Brad Teodoruk is a Sydney based artist committed to story telling. Teodoruk explores the depths of figuration in a diligent painting process. A process in which the artist often paints over an artwork several times, leaving traces of the previous painting creeping into the next. Through this technique, Teodoruk is able to create an array of expressive and abstract work.

Throughout many of his narratives, the artist portrays characters dealing with hardship, suffering and death. Teodoruk has carefully constructed a juxtaposition for these themes and ideas through the use colour and composition.

My work is heavily influenced by traditional folk art as well as naive art. I am interested in bold colour choices and flat imagery, abstraction, expressionism and figurativism

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