Cash Brown


Cash Brown

The artist with Fuck LeWitt 2008 graphite wall drawing
Photo Tamara Dean SMH

Cash Brown has always made art… in some form of another. Whether it is printmaking, painting, installation, sculptural objects or drawing, she has maintained a constant devotion to aesthetics. Most importantly, Brown has never lost her sense of play.

This exhibition one might say is a climax, due to the fast she has thrown herself into her own melting pot of mediums she so furiously works with. It is her most major exhibition to date. Formally trained in academic painting at the National Art School, Brown has an almost obsessive preoccupation with the history of western painting and its socio political baggage. This provides a departure point for her conceptual repertoire of visual and linguistic “gags”. The works in “Appropriate” draw their predominant and immediate visual reference from Gustave Courbet’s famous “Origin of the World” painting from 1866. From the grandfather of modernism one wouldn’t expect anything less!.. In a multitude of sublime meanings it exists as an image of a female torso, but its possible interpretations are practically endless.

“The Origin of the World” could be read as a landscape – a snapshot freeze frames of the infinite, the mystery of the human subject with all its existential pain and bodily pleasures rolled into one curious state of topographical being.

Brown, with her masterly paint work and economy of content and form has unravelled and at the same time appropriated this voyeuristic premise with her own unique technique and system of humour has created a kind of surreal pornography. The voluminous flesh is the surface which she scarifies. I use the term pornographic because we are so overly and completely saturated with nudity. It is nothing short of bravery that Brown undertakes a “series of nudes”. Brown has captured and consequently created a strange animistic and primitive hybrid.

These works are almost dreamscapes, a bizarre document of the evolution of psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy – all the hallmarks of the big themes, feminism, death, beauty and the geography of the unconscious. Close ups of what and how we think a riddle in itself.

Brown’s work is testament to her skill as a painter and a conceptual thinker. One can’t help but look at this manic collection of deliberated psycho sexualised felines and canines classical mythological icons. So why execute such strange and other worldly images made from the mixing of historical references? Why does a dog lick its crotch? Because it can. Why does an artist make cultural artefacts? Because they can.

Finally a great painting is a documented battle between realism, expression and abstraction. Brown successfully and rather uniquely executes this concept of trans substantiation.

Adam Cullen
March 2008

Cash Brown


2007 Cert 1V small business management, Mission Australia, Mt Druitt
2006 Cert 1V vocational education and training, Benchmark college, Penrith
2003 Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Art School, Sydney
1997 Drawing Marathon at Central School of Art in Adelaide (New York Studio School)
1994 – 99 Painting and drawing, Balmain Art School, Sydney

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Size Matters, Robin Gibson Gallery, Darlinghurst
2008 Priceless, GRANTPIRRIE (Project Window), Redfern
2008 Appropriate, Robin Gibson Gallery, Darlinghurst
2006 Product of Environment, Big Star Gallery, Norwood, South Australia
2003 Wetland, Hill on Hargrave Gallery, Paddington
1999 Across the Bridge, Gallery 245, Surry Hills
1999 Heterogeneous, Zanzibar, Drummoyne
1998 Untitled, Open House Gallery, Rozelle
1998 Pachyderm, L’Otel Darlinghurst

Selected Group Exhibitions

since 2004 group shows at Robin Gibson Gallery since New Talent 3 | Recent Graduates in 2004
2009 Showing Off, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, NSW
2009 Tickled Pink, Artereal Gallery, Rozelle
2009 Hibrid, Artereal Gallery, Rozelle
2009 Art For Sharks, AMCS, Brisbane
2009 Extinction Denied, Arthouse Hotel, Sydney
2009 Artists at the Armory, SOPA, Newington, Sydney
2008 Smash Hits, Paramatta Artist studios, Parramatta
2008 Sublime Equine, Rushcutters Bay Gallery, Sydney
2008 Becos I’m Worf It, MOP, Chippendale
2007 Great Western, Suitcase Gallery, Newington Armory, Newington
2007 Melbourne 07 Art Fair (independent)
2007 Back a Bushie, Crookwell Town Hall, Crookwell
2007 Artists at the Armory, Newington (SOPA)
2007 Extinction Denied, Arthouse Hotel, Sydney
2007 Seven Plus Three, Seven, Wentworth Falls
2007 Maxine’s Art Show, Danks St Depot, Waterloo
2007 Artist at my Table, NAS, Darlinghurst
2007 Schon, Kunsthouse Projekt, Bern, Switzerland
2007 Funeral Songs, MOP, Chippendale
2007 9×5 Walker St Gallery, Dandenong
2006 Shelf Life, MOP Projects, Redfern
2006 Not The Big Picture, Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide
2006 Group Show, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst
2006 Global Warming, SODA Gallery, Avalon
2006 Snowdropping, Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown
2006 WHOLESALE THERAPY, (with Adam Cullen) MOP Projects, Redfern
2006 Art of Eucalyptus, University of Melbourne Botany Foundation, Melbourne
2006 Post It, Peloton, Chippendale
2006 Linden Postcard Show, Melbourne
2006 Abbatoirs and Brickworks, an industrial history, Newington Armory Gallery, Newington
2006 Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species, Leconfield Winery, South Australia
2006 Art With A Heart, King on Burton Gallery, Darlinghurst
2006 An Artist at My Table, Cellblock, N.A.S. Darlinghurst
2005 Special Affects, (with Adam Cullen) MOP Projects, Redfern
2005 Home Economics, (performance piece with Adam Cullen) M.C.A. Sydney
2005 Extinction Denied, Arthouse Hotel, Sydney
2005 Icons Framed, Christie’s Paddington and Sofitel Wentworth Sydney
2005 Wayside Chapel Auction, King on Burton Gallery, Darlinghurst
2005 Not the Big Picture, Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide
2005 “HOTSPOTS”, 77 Williams St, East Sydney
2005 Soda Gallery Christmas Exhibition, Avalon
2005 Punch, MOP Projects, Redfern
2005 Group Show, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst
2005 Christmas Show, Gallery Philip Neville, Darwin
2005 Artists Against Sedition, Casula Powerhouse, Casula
2005 Ink, Lighthouse Foundation, Melbourne
2005 FONAS Drawcard exhibition, Cellblock, Darlinghurst
2004 Extinction Denied, Arthouse Hotel, Sydney
2004 Drawcard, Cell Block, National Art School, Sydney
2004 FONAS Infusion, Cell Block, N.A.S., Darlinghurst
2003 The Degree Show, Cell Block, National Art School, Darlinghurst
2003 The Bondi Art Fair, Bondi.
2003 Dabs and Slabs, Cell Block, National Art, School, Darlinghurst
2003 Drawing Week Exhibition, Cell Block, National Art School, Darlinghurst
2003 Primaries, (curator) Stairwell Gallery, Darlinghurst
2002 First Wave, Fifth Floor Gallery, Ultimo.
2002 Christmas Show, Hill on Hargrave Gallery, Paddington
2001 Drawing Week Exhibition, Cell Block, National Art School, Darlinghurst
2001 S.I.S.A. Exhibition and Competition, National Art School, Darlinghurst
1999 Exposed, Warehouse Studios, Ultimo
1999 Death Begets Reality, 351, Haymarket, Sydney
1998 Life, at P.C.L. Exhibitionists, Strawberry Hills
1998 Skin, Open House Gallery, Rozelle
1998 Bloom, at Open House Gallery, Rozelle
1997 Red, C.A.S.A. Gallery, Rozelle
1997 Works from the New York Studio School “Drawing Marathon”, Central School of Art,
1997 Norwood, South Australia
1997 12, SOHO Gallery, Woolloomooloo

Prizes And Residencies

2006 S.O.P.A. residency, Newington Armory, Homebush
2004 Real Refuses portraiture prize, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst
2003 Murray Sime prize for excellence in painting at the National Art School
2003 Robin Gibson Gallery prize
2001 S.I.S.A. award, National Art School, Darlinghurst

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