Katherine Edney


Katherine Edney

Roses are Red II 2017 oil on board 50cm diameter

Within painting, there are numerous possibilities for the ways in which a narrative can be compositionally presented in order to communicate a particular emotion or story. Traditional devices including gesture, facial expression, interaction of figures and symbolism establish foundations within the composition to facilitate a narrative response and formulate questions as to the how, what and why. This formal language may also be considered in addition to other concepts surrounding the term narrative itself. The notion of narrative as something which is fluid also encompasses issues of time, movement, and continuity; idea’s which seemingly contradict the static temperament of painting.

Through research for my Master of Fine Arts at COFA, I found that the methodologies of continuous narrative paintings from the Renaissance echoed certain theoretical concerns within contemporary cinematic narratives. While painting and film maintain a relationship to some degree because they are both visual media, (in reference to colour, tone and symbolism), the most interesting parallel is the depiction of time. This correlation between painting and film, where elements of the narrative are compositionally presented in a non-linear way, has had the most important influence over the production of recent work.

Certain structures within film, such as event ‘order’ and sequencing resonate correspondingly to the stylistic approach sustained within my work. This ‘jig-saw’ method presents individual paintings (or canvases) akin to pieces of a story which have been sliced up, and placed back together out of their ‘chronological’ order. These chosen snippets may represent a scene or emotion, and uphold their own position or viewpoint in relation to another image or painting.

These unmatched sequences of images, similar to the unmatched sequences in film, can disrupt the perception and flow of space, and sense of narrative order. When sequences are viewed out of order, the perception of events within the narrative change. The viewer may strive to construct the meaning of the work dependent upon each image’s relationship to another, in turn forming the underlying narrative.

Katherine Edney

Born in Sydney 1983
Lives & works in Sydney

2005-8 Master of Fine Arts by Research (Painting) College of Fine Arts (COFA), UNSW
2001-4 Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours Class 1 College of Fine Arts (COFA), UNSW

2014 The In-between Robin Gibson Gallery
2011 Far Away Places Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
2009 Fractures in Time Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
2008 Hidden Fractures; A Narrative in Time Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney

Black Swan Prize for Portraiture, Linton and Kay Gallery, Perth
Portia Geach Memorial Art Award, S.H Irvin Gallery
2011, 2012
Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship 2011 (finalist), Online Exhibition
2012, 2007, 2006, 2005*
Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery
Untitled Robin Gibson Gallery
Metro Art Award (finalist), Metro Gallery, Melbourne
Celebrating Paradise Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney
Small is the New Big Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
The Young Ones Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
Metro 5 Art Award (finalist), Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne
Metro 5 Art Award Travelling Exhibition Benalla Regional Art Gallery, Victoria
4th Wirral National Open Art Exhibition Williamson Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK
Warringah Art Prize, Art Focus Gallery , Sydney
Mosman Art Prize) Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney
Warringah Art Prize (winner), Warringah Printmakers Studio, Sydney
Willoughby Art Prize Civic Centre, Chatswood, Sydney
St. Josephs Annual Art Show St. Josephs College, Sydney
Sass and Bide Art Award Finalist Exhibition, COFA Space, Sydney
Mosman Art Prize Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney
Art on the Rocks Billich Gallery, Sydney
Self Raising: Emerging Artist and Design Award Exhibition Kudos Gallery, Sydney
Warringah Art Prize Warringah Printmakers Studio, Sydney
Waverly Art Prize Waverly Community and Arts Centre, Sydney
Willoughby Art Prize, Chatswood, Sydney
Art for Art Show St. Augustines College, Sydney
Hatched: National Graduate Show Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), Perth
Mosman Art Prize Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney
Jenny Birt Award (finalist), COFA Space, Sydney
5 Emerging Artists Michael Commerford Gallery
Art on the Rocks ASN Gallery, Sydney
Mosman Art Prize Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney
Art on the Rocks ASN Gallery, Sydney
Artexpress, David Jones, Sydney

2006 Viktoria Marinov Scholarship for Art at COFA

2007 Warringah Art Prize
2007 Warringah Art Prize People’s Choice Award
1997 Winner NSW/ACT category, Telstra Phone Card Design Competition

Debutantes; Katherine Edney Australian Art Collector Issue 51 January – March 2010
New Sculptures and Fractures in Time Spectrum: The Sydney Morning Herald May 2009
Katherine Edney the (sydney) magazine: The Sydney Morning Herald May 2009
Hands on for inspiration Manly Daily June 2009
Wirral Society of Arts Open Art Exhibition Wirral Champion July 2008
Rich body of work impresses Manly Daily June 2008
Success vindicates the choice to paint Manly Daily July 2007
Warringah Art Competition The Splash! July 2008
Grade Expectations Eye 4: Arts Xpress Magazine June 2005
Shape Shifters Arts: Weekend Australian June 2005
Katherine Edney COFA Hatched 05 National Graduate Show Exhibition and Symposium Catalogue May 2005
A Brush with Fame Arts: Manly Daily May 2004
Artexpress Manly Daily 2001
Telstra Got Message Manly Daily 1997

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