Mac Mansfield


Mac Mansfield

An ode to Alfred Wallis 2019 glazed stoneware 23×29cm
(exhibited National Art School Graduate Show December 2019)
photo courtesy National Art School Sydney

Mac Mansfield

Lives and works in Sydney

Mac Mansfields practice negotiates the history of narrative visual art, working joyously across media subverting Ancient Greek and classical mythology. His work is visually theatrical and irreverent.

Working primarily in ceramics, Mac’s practice regularly involves making large traditional vessels as well as ceramic tablets that imitate stretched canvas. The painting and drawing on ceramic vessels and tablets are naïve and wilfully ignorant of the high culture the classical forms suggest. Through this consciously naïve approach an interest in combining modes of “high” and “low” art is explored. Ceramics enables Mac to traverse a dimensionality not possible through traditional mediums of painting.


2019 Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Art School

Solo Exhibitions

2020 (26 September “ 21 October) Robin Gibson Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 – National Art School Graduation Show
2018 – Kicking Up Dust, M2 Gallery, Sydney


National Art School Sydney


2019 N.E. Pethebridge Award

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