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posted Oct 4, 06:17 AM by Carl Lykert

DAVID EASTWOOD has in recent years become known for painting wonderfully opulent and staged interiors, often leaving the viewer breathless with his virtuosity as a painter. So naturally I was intrigued to see how this related to his own real life home which doubles as a studio, and it seemed like perfect timing seeing as he currently has a solo exhibition on at ROBIN GIBSON GALLERY

What greeted me in his recently acquired inner west terrace was not necessarily what I expected, but certainly not altogether surprising. There was a sense that I had in fact walked into a David Eastwood painting given the familiar (and often distinctly orange) 1970s ‘props’ which I’d seen in many of his paintings

What would normally be a living room in a usual terrace house’s layout inside the front door, does in fact feel like the main room of the house, but rather than the usual comfy sofa and television, it is filled with what one might normally expect to see in a painter’s studio, filled with mid morning natural light, easels, paintbrushes and pots of paint

Unlike many artists studios though, this one at first glance is spotless and extremely well organised, confirming my suspicions of David’s work ethic

As well as a number of David’s own paintings and drawings throughout the house, there are many works by friends often acquired as ‘swaps’, and although he has been living here for only a few months, already he has left his mark, with a few plans which might make this terrace look even more like one of his paintings


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