The Art Squirrel

The Art Squirrel

Ingrid & Gary

posted Feb 6, 04:44 AM by Carl Lykert

I met Ingrid in 1993 at a linguistics residential school in Armidale New South Wales – it was love at first sight…

A few weeks ago, almost 20 years after we met, I took the opportunity to visit her and her partner Gary in their current abode in Wellington New Zealand while the gallery was shut for its annual break

Being my second visit to Wellington I was happy to spend as much time as possible in their new home which architect Gary is designing and building himself, rather than try to see all the sites. The house is somewhat of a miracle – extraordinary in its ingenious plywood simplicity and honesty, way up high on a hilltop in windy Wellington, and overlooking the harbour and suburb of Petone. Discussing the house with Gary and Ingrid, I got the sense that the house was unfolding around them

I found this way of building and making a home extremely appealing… And of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity of taking some snaps for Art Squirrel

For the decade or so they lived in Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay in their much cherished Seidler apartment, they acquired a few artworks…


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