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James and Anton

posted May 13, 07:18 AM by Carl Lykert

James and Anton’s apartment in Darlinghurst was a delight to visit and photograph – lots of natural light and nice white walls are perfect for showing off the art, yet also warm and welcoming. At first glance I didn’t quite realise how many works there were due to the crisp and clean aesthetic, and and some simple yet effective ways of displaying the work

I met James at his Potts Point gallery James Dorahy Project Space when I bought a small work by one of the young artists he represented at the time. Many of the works in the apartment are by his gallery’s artists, but there are many by other artists too, and some by James himself who is also a practising artist

What goes into their collection is a combined effort, and like many collectors in compact inner city apartments, only a part of their collection is out of storage at any one time

Pictured here are works by a number of artists including Jonathan Jones, Lionel Bawden, Sally Gabori, Ali Noble, Annie Aitken, James Dorahy, Fiona Hall, Stephanie Monteith, Jake Walker, Addison Marshall, Sarah Newell & Julie Krone

James Dorahy Project Space


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