The Art Squirrel

The Art Squirrel

Salon Hang

posted Jun 27, 06:16 AM by Carl Lykert

After nearly a year of doing this blog it’s quite obvious that once people get the bug for collecting art they find it hard to stop, attesting to the joys of living to art and hence the purpose of The Art Squirrel

So it’s nice to see the ‘salon hang’ being utilised

As someone in the business of selling art I sometimes hear potential buyers worry about one work of art not looking right next to another, or matching an item of furniture, or that they’ve run out of room. Although these concerns can be useful I find it quite refreshing when people throw these notions out the window, make space, and allow each work to hold its own. Here are some of the salon hangs I’ve already blogged, and a few more…


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