Andrew Hopkins

7 September – 2 October 2013


Andrew Hopkins

Trans 122×122cm oil on canvas $1,600

about the artist

Flying Dream
7 September – 2 October
Private View Tuesday 10 September 6-8pm

My body of work ‘Flying Dream’ is an embodiment of the insecure and fleeting nature of transition. The paintings, although not representational, are set in the horizon, a constant form of change

I paint the change using the same motif as a language to create abstracted or generalised images of the rolling light and colour of the landscape. I am drawn to the interrelationships between sight and memory and between the land and the sky and the in-between spaces of atmosphere, light, mist, dust, foliage. Colour expresses what is momentary and the layering of colour and its remnants make a narrative of the cycles of the day, the transformations of the seasons and the turnings of dryness to wetness

The title ‘Flying Dream’ offers the falling or flying balance within dreams that mimics the visual and physical experience performed in the brush marks, the dance between free flowing movements in paint and a visual memory. Layers of paint trace a memory and the last skirmish of paint is generated from within the history of the work

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