David Pottinger


Private View Tuesday Tuesday 13 November 6-8pm
10 November – 5 December 2012


David Pottinger

28. Black white & cream Nerikomi Cylinder 28×7cm

about the artist

David Pottinger
Nerikomi Vessels

My work is an exploration of form through the interplay of colour, tension, rhythm and pattern in porcelain, utilising the ancient technique of Nerikomi. In my practice, I seek to distil form and technique to express the elemental nature of the medium of porcelain itself; malleable, tough, practical and lyrical, it operates at the intersection of craft, nature and art.
‘Nerikomi’ (or ‘Neriage’) is a traditional Japanese decorative technique that involves the layering and stacking of coloured clay bodies (porcelain), and then cutting or slicing through the clay to reveal delicate striated patterns.

David Pottinger’s Nerikomi vessels have established him as one of Australia’s principal ceramic artists. The cylindrical forms of his six vessels, each one a different shape and size, are contrasted by the subtle patterning that affords the works a woven quality. The outside surfaces of the vessels are mirrored on the inside, creating a dynamic visual relationship – one that exhibits a vital sense of flux and movement despite the structured rigidity of the vessels themselves.

Much like the technique in which the vessels are formed, through gradual layering, it is possible to imagine that the forms mimic sedimentary deposits in rock or perhaps the patterning found in crystal mineral formations, built up over time. Indeed it is a recognition of place and space that Pottinger seeks to articulate through the technique of Nerikomi. The pallet of the Australian landscape, the muted greens, ochres, bleached bone and charcoals are animated through patterns that suggest the kinetic movement of leaves, water, fire and light. In this sense Pottinger utilises the technique of Nerikomi in a ceaseless and inexhaustible exploration of place and natural elements.

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