Erwin Fabian

29 April – 24 May
Opening 6pm Tuesday 2 May


Erwin Fabian

Lampedusa 170×72×85cm steel

Erwin Fabian, son of the painter Max Fabian (1873-1926), was born in Berlin in 1915. He left for England in 1938, was interned, and deported to Australia in 1940 on the troopship Dunera. After internment, Fabian joined the Australian Army, and later transferred to the Army Education Unit, to do covers and illustrations for its ‘Current Affairs Bulletin’, until demobilisation in 1946. He left Australia for London in 1949 where he worked as a graphic designer until the 1960s, lecturing in Graphic Design at the London School of Printing and Graphic Arts. Returned to Australia in 1962. His first exhibition of sculpture was at the Hungry Horse Gallery in Sydney in 1965. In 2000-2001, a large retrospective exhibition, ‘Max und Erwin Fabian: Berlin – London – Melbourne’, was held in the Stadtmuseum Berlin (Ephraim Palais).

PRESS from Erwin’s 2015 solo exhibition
Grey power is amply demonstrated at the Robin Gibson Gallery, with a show of abstract metal sculptures by Erwin Fabian, who is a mere 100 years old. Most of us couldn’t imagine bending pieces of iron like Erwin, at any age. He is one of the unsung legends of modern Australian art, and there seems to be no diminution in his powers whatsoever
John McDonald John’s May 15 Newsletter

Artist Profile
Erwin Fabian | Raising the bar
By Lucy Stranger | June 11, 2015
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Susie Burge for ABC Arts Online 20 May 2015
Erwin Fabian is approaching 100 and still has the ‘wow factor’
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