Erwin Fabian

2 – 27 May 2015


Erwin Fabian

Lost Days 136×60×44cm steel

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Erwin Fabian

recent sculpture | an exhibition to celebrate Erwin Fabian’s 100th year

Opening Tuesday 5 May 6-8pm
2 – 27 May 2015

Erwin Fabian is one of Australia’s most significant living sculptors and in this sense he is one of the elders of the Australian art world.

He works predominantly with different types of scrap metal and these materials he transforms into a new natural order. Some of the pieces have monumental proportions in this exhibition which exceed two metres, others are more miniature table sculptures. What is common in all of his sculptures is his remarkable ability to transform pieces of scrap metal into meaningful sculptural forms which have a huge presence, a distinct identity and which speak of a new natural order.

He has that rare ability in that he is able to create a new and convincing reality through which the viewer can be seduced, enchanted and captivated. Although his sculptures are non-figurative and do not imitate anything representational in the seen world, in the final analysis his sculptural creations do belong to the grand tradition of humanist sculpture. In other words, they interact with us on a human and emotive level: we come to believe in their existence not only as aesthetic objects, but as metaphors for the human spirit.

Although Erwin Fabian has been exhibiting for about half a century, his work with time has grown in intensity, refinement and in its distilled beauty.

Professor Sasha Grishin AM, FAHA
The Sir William Dobell Professor of Art History
Australian National University


Grey power is amply demonstrated at the Robin Gibson Gallery, with a show of abstract metal sculptures by Erwin Fabian, who is a mere 100 years old. Most of us couldn’t imagine bending pieces of iron like Erwin, at any age. He is one of the unsung legends of modern Australian art, and there seems to be no diminution in his powers whatsoever
John McDonald John’s May 15 Newsletter

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Erwin Fabian | Raising the bar
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Susie Burge for ABC Arts Online 20 May 2015
Erwin Fabian is approaching 100 and still has the ‘wow factor’
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