face 2 face

27 July 2013


Terry Stringer

Francis Bacon 30×20×25cm bronze

self portraits & portraits of other artists

Private View Tuesday 30 July 6-8pm
27 July – 21 August 2013

Peter Baka | Peter Blayney | Gina Bruce | Marianne Cara | Lawrence Daws | Katherine Edney | Simon Fieldhouse | Catherine Fox | Garry Foye | Guy Gilmour | Geoff Harvey | Kyra Henley | Andrew Hopkins | Patricia Lawrence | Max Liebermann | Allison Marie Low | Addison Marshall | Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran | Justin O’Brien | Jason Phu | John Olsen | Jeff Rigby | Kevin Robertson | Randall Sinnamon | David Strachan | Terry Stringer | Mark Thompson | Christina Thwaites | Zoe Tweedale | Evelyn Wai | David Warren | Ross Watson | Greg Weight | Bryan Westwood | Mirra Whale | Brett Whiteley

exhibition list – face 2 face.pdf

  • addison-marshall

    Addison Marshall

    All the hairy bits 13.5cm in diameter, embroidery on vintage doily
    Courtesy Chalk Horse Gallery

  • katherine-edney

    Katherine Edney

    Beloved Man Goat (David Adam Capra) 27×18.5cm oil on wood

    selected as a finalist for the 2013 Portia Geach Award

  • kyra-henley

    Kyra Henley

    Self Portrait watercolour on paper 30cm diameter
    Aimee Cullen watercolour on paper 30cm diameter
    Melanie Waugh watercolour on paper 30cm diameter
    Jo Lennan watercolour on paper 30cm diameter

  • peter-blayney

    Peter Blayney

    Self Portrait 1982 oil on canvas 76×59cm

  • kevin-robertson

    Kevin Robertson

    Nerissa Lea oil on board 20×20cm
    Stewart MacFarlane oil on board 20×20cm
    Tom Alberts oil on board 20×20cm
    Self portrait oil on board 20×20cm – sold

  • jason-phu

    Jason Phu

    To obtain the sweetest penis fruit, it is essential to pluck during the winter and consume during the summer (portrait after artist and friend Ramesh Nithiyendran) 42×42cm ink on Chinese paper

  • zoe-tweedale

    Zoe Tweedale

    Max Ernst 91×68cm oil on canvas

  • gina-bruce

    Gina Bruce

    3 heads 33×25cm watercolour
    Parveen 1 38×29cm watercolour
    Parveen 2 29×19 watercolour

  • ramesh-mario-nithiyendran

    Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

    Pregnant Self Portrait 2 mixed media on plywood 60×45cm
    Pregnant Self Portrait 3 mixed media on plywood 55×45cm – sold
    Pregnant Self Portrait 1 mixed media on plywood 60×56cm – sold

  • jeff-rigby

    Jeff Rigby

    Self Portrait: 1973 & 2013 diptych 25×25cm/25×31cm charcaol

  • terry-stringer

    Terry Stringer

    Balthus & his model 61cm high bronze
    Head of Bacon 33cm high bronze

  • geoff-harvey

    Geoff Harvey

    The artist as a younger man 2013 acrylic on board 105×82cm
    Bill Henson 54×44cm oil on canvas board
    Francis Bacon 54×44cm oil on canvas board
    John Olsen 54×44cm oil on canvas board – sold

  • bryan-westwood

    Bryan Westwood

    Study for Self Portrait with Engraving Apron 1978 oil on canvas on board 27×17cm

  • max-liebermann

    Max Liebermann

    Selbsportrait 1920 36×32cm lithograph 24/100

  • patricia-lawrence

    Patricia Lawrence

    Trish 2013 soapstone with granite base 26×11×14cm

  • christina-thwaites

    Christina Thwaites

    Self Portrait in Australia ink, acrylic and pencil on canvas 91×71cm

  • marianne-cara

    Marianne Cara

    l'Uomo del Ferro 40×28cm (paper size) oil on linen canvas paper

  • garry-foye

    Garry Foye

    Portrait of Hendrik Kolenberg 160×120cm oil on canvas
    Portrait of Bernard gouache on Hahnemuhle etching paper 156cmx107cm
    Head of an Artist #2 (self portrait) 60×61cm – sold

  • David Strachan

    Self portrait 1950s ink 36×26cm

  • lawrence-daws

    Lawrence Daws

    Head of Fairweather 1978 etching plate size 27×25cm

  • guy-gilmour

    Guy Gilmour

    The Room (Idas and Marpessa) 1998 oil on canvas 122×152cm

  • catherine-fox

    Catherine Fox

    Study: Self 1 – Pretty Vacant (Wish I Was) 19×19cm watercolour $650

  • evelyn-wai

    Evelyn Wai

    Self Portrait photo 30×21cm edition of 10

  • peter-baka

    Peter Baka

    peter baka fading 2013 archival digital print 31×21cm
    peter baka with a father and mother complex 2013 archival digital print 31×21cm

  • simon-fieldhouse

    Simon Fieldhouse

    Brett Whiteley ink & watercolour on paper 29×42cm

  • mirra-whale

    Mirra Whale

    Tamara Dean oil on canvas 61.5×92cm

  • randall-sinnamon

    Randall Sinnamon

    Self portrait with pink hat 50×40cm oil on board

  • andrew-hopkins

    Andrew Hopkins

    Self portrait 1 oil on canvas 61×46cm
    Self portrait 2 oil on canvas 61×46cm
    Self portrait 3 oil on canvas 61×46cm

  • allison-marie-low

    Allison Marie Low

    Self Portrait

  • greg-weight

    Greg Weight

    Portrait of Lloyd Rees 32×25cm photograph

  • john-olsen

    John Olsen

    Portrait of Brett Whiteley 1979 lithograph 66×50cm

  • brett-whiteley

    Brett Whiteley

    Brett Whiteley Self Portrait, London 1964 mixed media on paper 63×47cm

  • david-warren

    David Warren

    Self portrait 1996 watercolour 25×23cm

  • justin-o'brien

    Justin O'Brien

    Portrait Study of a Boy 1963 ink & watercolour 30×25.4cm

  • mark-thompson

    Mark Thompson

    Self Portrait 2012 102×101.5cm oil on canvas

  • ross-watson

    Ross Watson

    Self portrait in the manner of Ter Boch 1987 oil on canvas 137×101.5cm

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