Garry Foye

25 October – 19 November 2014


Garry Foy

Gate 2014 oil monotype 42×31cm

about the artist

Capertee Reflections
Opening Tuesday 28 October 6-8pm
25 October – 19 November 2015

To be opened by Hendrik Kolenberg

Over the past ten years my work has related, almost exclusively, to the township of Glen Davis and the adjacent redundant mine-site and refinery, known as “The Poplars”, situated in the Capertee Valley seventy kilometres north of Lithgow. As a child I lived at Glen Davis for five years and was witness to the mine when it was still operational (If only for a short time) and at the period when it was shut down. The site has offered me a plethora of possibilities to act as catalysts for imagery in my work. Initially this took the form of drawings in which, I focused on the damage to the mountain and surrounding landscape, which the mining process caused. A selection of drawings from this period (2005 to 2010) are included in Capertee Reflections. All of the drawings were selected as finalists for either the Dobell Drawing Prize or the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize. In 2011 I embarked on a series of paintings, using the escarpments that surround the township and mine-site as a catalyst. In my current work my intention is to focus on what is left of the structures and machinery in the refinery area of the mine-site. These could take the form of a simple concrete slab on the ground or be as complicated as operational objects seen from beneath the main Retort. However I must stress that whilst my observations within the mine-site and surrounding area act as catalysts for my work they are just that, starting points. Once involved with the painting or drawing it is the process which becomes the vital factor in its direction and resolution.

Garry Foye

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