Geoff Harvey

7 – 29 April 2015


Geoff Harvey

9. John Simpson (Kirkpatrick) & his donkey 41×51cm acrylic on canvas board

about the artist

Gallipoli 100 Years
Opening Tuesday 7 April 6-8pm
7 – 29 April 2015

Both of my grandfather’s saw active service overseas in WW1.

My father went to Papua New Guinea in WW2 as an enlisted soldier and an under age boy. He worked in the causality clearance stations in Port Moresby & Lae Province for the duration of the war.

In honour of their memory & in absolute respect to all the armed force personal that served in both wars I painted this series of Gallipoli paintings.

The series is narrative in style & it is my interpretation of the events that occurred during the campaign of 1915.

I am a pacifist & I hate war so it was difficult, at times, for me to research. The unnecessary death, destruction & disturbing images of conflict were not a focal point of my work.

I preferred to narrate the moving accounts of the soldier’s life during the Gallipoli campaign. There were many aspects and stories to be told about this conflict. Most were sombre, but others were lighthearted and revealed the diggers loyalty to each other. Some diggers were larrikins and their humour helped them and others to endure the campaign.

It was and will always remain an important part of our history as a nation. We must never forget the individual sacrifices, the bravery & valour of these men and women of the armed forces. And to want a peaceful world for everyone.

Geoff Harvey

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