Geoff Harvey

4 – 29 March 2017


Geoff Harvey

From her Window 61×30.5cm acrylic on canvas board

about the artist

Last Light
4 – 29 March 2017

Like many artists light is paramount for me

It illuminates the subject and creates the mood in a work

Last light by definition is transient, almost gone. This alluring glow always tempts me to try and capture it in paint

I’ve had a lifelong attraction to Sydney Harbour in the half-light. In evening walks around familiar haunts in Newtown and isolated Inner West sites, this intangible light holds equal fascination

Peering into the darkness and discovering faint visual clues in the urban landscape is what I most enjoy

This is a show that I have wanted to do since I was an art student forty years ago when I first discovered the elusive qualities of this light and didn’t have the technique to do it justice

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