Horse Feathers

28 November – 19 December 2015


Guy Gilmour

Southerly at Sawtell 2015 acrylic on polyester 66×66cm

Horse Feathers

dogs & other critters

Opening Tuesday 1 December 6-8pm
28 November – 19 December 2015

Peter Baka Peter Blayney Cash Brown Stephanie Burns Richard Byrnes Karen Choy Lawrence Daws Katherine Edney Patrick Francis Donald Friend Guy Gilmour Geoff Harvey Ted Hillyer Dean Manning Daniel Moynihan Ian Pearson Jeff Rigby Randall Sinnamon Sandra Taylor Mark Thompson Zoe Tweedale Bryan Westwood Brett Whiteley Anne Wienholt + more

  • geoff-harvey

    Geoff Harvey

    Angel 2015 found objects 65×95×35cm

  • peter-baka

    Peter Baka

    Conditional Love 2014 wood, copper and rust patina 120×95×4cm

  • katherine-edney

    Katherine Edney

    The Greedy Dinosaur-Dog 21×29.5cm oil on board

  • mark-thompson

    Mark Thompson

    Balance 2015 ceramic & gold lustre 67cm high

  • ted-hillyer

    Ted Hillyer

    Breakwater Bathers 31×41cm oil on board

  • ian-pearson

    Ian Pearson

    Red Robin in the Landscape 60×60cm oil on canvas

  • dean-manning

    Dean Manning

    My Rifle, My Pony, and Me 2011 oil on wood 34×40cm

  • jeff-rigby

    Jeff Rigby

    Foyer with Dog, The Royal Hotel, Hill End 54×40.5cm charcoal

  • brett-whiteley

    Brett Whiteley

    Hippo 1978 ink on paper 34×32cm

  • zoe-tweedale

    Zoe Tweedale

    Cape Barren Goose 2015 oil on canvas 43×33cm

  • patrick-francis

    Patrick Francis

    Not titled (tiger) 2012 acrylic on paper 70×40cm
    Courtesy Arts project Australia

  • bryan-westwood

    Bryan Westwood

    SIRE 1985
    101×101cm oil on canvas

  • karen-choy

    Karen Choy

    Mother Piggy Back 31×19×45cm ceramic $1,500

  • Lawrence Daws

    Dog 1978 etching 28×30cm

  • peter-blayney

    Peter Blayney

    Study for "The Prodigal Son" 2007 oil on canvas 51×61cm

  • randall-sinnamon

    Randall Sinnamon

    Speckled Inspector Bird 31×38×24cm found objects / mixed media

  • artists/cash-brown

    Cash Brown

    Bombast #5 2010 ink, gouache & watercolour on 240gsm Arches

  • sandra-taylor

    Sandra Taylor

    Zen & the Art of Livestock Leaping 27cm high ceramic

  • anne-wienholt

    Anne Wienholt

    Australian Cattle Dog 1987 bronze 71×109×30cm
    image courtesy Michael Amendolia

  • patricia-lawrence

    Patricia Lawrence

    Osprey Resting 2014 bronze 20×21×14cm

  • artists/stephanie-burns

    Stephanie Burns

    Pasiphae and the Cretan Bull 1993 bronze 50×20×37cm

  • daniel-moynihan

    Daniel Moynihan

    Handstanding 1984 etching 74×59cm

  • donald-friend

    Donald Friend

    Deer Ceylon c.1957 ink drawing 23×33cm

  • donald-friend

    Donald Friend

    Dear & Leopards Ceylon c.1957 ink drawing 23×33cm

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