Ian Pearson

17 January – 4 February 2015


Ian Pearson

Park (Early Morning) 45×45cm oil on canvas

about the artist

Ian Pearson

Just a Thought

Opening Tuesday 20 January
17 January – 4 February 2015

Ian Pearson’s small, luscious oils on canvas turn landscape and still-life objects into a semiabstracted dance of colour and light
Patricia Anderson, Sydney Morning Herald 24/25 January 2015


Artist statement

In a world drenched in visual images how can an artist compete? Well, the paintings I am doing now don’t seek to compete with ‘the noise’ but rather create a quiet place devoid of any sub-text. They seek to celebrate the traditional beauty of ‘pure painting’ concerned with colour, light, texture, and the relationship of paint to canvas. My aim is to make images that initially seduce but only reveal themselves over a prolonged period of contemplation. I would make an analogy with Beethoven’s string quartets, music stripped down to bare essentials, abstract and elevating, transcending “meaning” and existing in the realm of pure experience.

Ian Pearson February 2015

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