Jeff Rigby

20 February – 16 March 2016


Jeff Rigby

The Hungry Mile, Hickson Rd No. 2 50×65cm acrylic on canvas

about the artist

Sunlight and Shadow

OpeningReception Tuesday 23 February 6pm
20 February – 16 March 2016

Sunlight and Shadow contains a variety of subjects, from vast open spaces to small dark interiors. In some, the sun is at high noon drenching the landscape, while in others it is filtered behind clouds or setting low in the west. Light and shade can create an almost theatrical sense of drama or perhaps it will just soften the image, imparting a dream like quality depending quality of space and structure of the subject.

Interiors provide a special play of light and shade. Time almost seems to stop when the light through the curtained window eerily highlights the wall and the rest of the room subsides into a mysterious inky blackness, overwhelmed by the recesses of the interior. Sunlight on a wall may throw up a distorted version of things which are out of sight and which we cannot see and only dimly understand.

The quality of light imparts structure to the picture. It is a great gift to the artist which he can manipulate according to his intentions, with the strong directional qualities of cast shadows throwing up some edges in sharp relief while others melt way into their surroundings.

In many ways light and shade transcends objectivity and the apparent truth of the image, welding many disparate elements into a coherent whole and finally becoming the subject itself. Rather than illuminating the truth, sunlight and shade may actually add to the mystery

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