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A Kunstkammer of Tortoises

Karen Choy
ceramic sculptures


Karen Choy

Frog Prince 10×16×12cm ceramic

about the artist

Animal Fables and Fairy Tale classical animal characters are some of the themes explored in my hand made ceramic earthenware sculptures. My exploration into conveying these themes are created with traditional Chinese ceramic Tang glazes inspired by the Tang dynasty funerary animals. I use Chinese art influences such as pictorial symbolism of animals and flowers. Thus a crossover of cultural influences occurs as I also draw inspiration from Australian motifs such as the flannel flower and gum leaves.

Rabbits are known to symbolize luck in Western Culture and Chinese culture. Turtles are known for their longevity and represent long life. The flowering peach is also associated with long life and is often represented in celebrations of big birthdays and weddings in Chinese culture. I use these animals & plants in my hand carvings inspired by Chinese and Nepalese carvings drawn from a recent trip to Nepal. My works range from small sculptures that are made in quick studies that show off the runny shiny colourful glazes, to more delicate and intricate animals with incredible detail in carvings.

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