Kyra Henley

2 – 27 November 2013


Kyra Henley

Coconut Cream oil on board 90cm diameter $2,200

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2 – 27 November 2013
Private View Tuesday 5 November 6-8pm

What I am doing has time in it—it’s not an exact moment. A photorealist picture is stopped in time, but if you paint from life you have all the movements of your head, all the slightly different angles. It adds up to having time in the picture. You can’t fake that. It’s why I include fruit or plants in a composition—they somehow add a bit of life, more than objects do. To me an arrangement does not look right without something that is going to decay, that still has a bit of shrink in it

Whereas my last shows were mainly oils of set sizes and subjects, this show is a mixture. I’ve done some large paper works. I have started working on board again. I have been working with circles quite a lot as well, which changes the composition. And with all the different subjects—the still lives, the landscapes, the pictures from old ‘70s books—I’m approaching them all in this formal way, looking at colour, shape and the space between objects. Although most of what I do is observational, I won’t stick to it completely. I will add a shape or flatten out a bottle. I’m not trying to get exactly what’s in front of me anymore. I am playing more with the surface of the painting rather than just looking

Because this show is not about anything—all the artworks in it have formal rather than narrative meanings—I have called the show Zetland, the name of the suburb where I live. It’s where I’ve painted this show after moving there at the start of this year. And I like the word: it sounds magical but then it’s not, it’s industrial and boring, just like painting beer bottles

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