Paper Trail

23 July 2011


Seth Birchall

oil on paper

Paper Trail
Opening Tuesday 26 July 6-8pm
23 July – 17 August 2011

Seth Birchall, Cash Brown, Gina Bruce, David Capra, Nick Collerson, Criena Court, Lawrence Daws, John Di Stefano, James Dorahy, Marian Drew, David Eastwood, C & R Eaves, Elwyn Lynn, Addison Marshall, Flora Parrott, Jason Phu, Helen Poyser, Brett Whiteley, Maryanne Wick

Curated by Carl Lykert

Paper Trail is a group exhibition featuring nineteen artists, half of whom are represented by Robin Gibson Gallery, and the other half invited specifically for the exhibition. The exhibition is an exploration of paper as a medium, with paper being the common thread connecting the different works.

From watercolour and gouache through to etching, collage and photo media Paper Trail showcases the breadth of paper as a medium. From well-known and established artists Lawrence Daws and Brett Whiteley to emerging new talent Helen Poyser and Seth Birchall, the artists participating in the exhibition provide the viewer with a ‘paper trail’ illustrating their diverse artistic approaches.

The strength of the exhibition lies within its representation of a wide range of responses to one medium. Via David Eastwood’s enigmatic interiors to Cash Brown’s and Marian Drew’s references to Western art history, the breadth of potential inherent to the medium takes the visitor on a journey from the familiar to the unexpected, from the challenging and thought provoking to the light-hearted and fun. While discovering new sides to artists they already are familiar with, visitors are likely to find new favourites within this convergence of exciting talent.

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