Peter Delorenzo

2 – 27 November 2013


Peter De Lorenzo

Sympathetic Geometries 4 oil on canvas 61×76cm $1,800

about the artist

Sympathetic Geometries
2 – 27 November 2013
Private View Tuesday 5 November 6-8pm

Music, mathematics and games form the ground out of which my paintings emerge and to which they return. I mean, they don’t start specifically with a rule or a concept but rather from a box of paints, a set of colours, a piece of music. The painting “At sunset” came after listening to the four last songs of Richard Strauss. It is the result of a process. It starts with hand made grids; lines are drawn, erased and redrawn; colours, subject to variation, are mixed and remixed; particular rhythms, movements and directions then suggest, like a game of chess, a number of possible moves. But in the end I am not so much interested in precision as in the experience found in imperfections and juxtapositions

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