Peter Delorenzo

16 April – 11 May 2016


Peter Delorenzo

Polychrome 8 by 10 61×77cm acrylic on canvas

about the artist

Inside out: (Looking for Kandinsky)
16 April – 11 May 2016
Opening 6pm Tuesday 19 April

On a recent trip to Paris I was searching for the place where Kandinsky lived; nearby I found a banner of coloured triangles, blowing in the breeze. Kandinsky was a synaesthete, that is when he heard a sound he also experienced a colour, something that has always fascinated me when I look at his paintings.
I choose to work with colours instead of sounds, but the work is just as much about music, its forms, themes and variations, transpositions, rhythms and repetitions.

Inspired by both the history of abstraction in painting and compositional elements in music, my process uses strategies that address an informal set of rules such as are found in games, the movements of the pieces in chess, and in the infinite mathematical possibilites of the grid.

I have always liked making large stand alone paintings in which the frame of the work defines a boundary. More recently I have used a multi-panelled format; here the wall becomes the ground of the canvas and allows patterns to grow both horizontally and vertically.

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