Samantha Stephenson

5 – 30 November 2016

Samantha Stephenson

In Her Image

5 – 30 November 2016
Opening 6pm Tuesday 8 November

‘Even a space intended to be dark should have just enough light from some mysterious opening to tell us how dark it really is’ – Louis Khan

My interest is in observing sculpture primarily through a visceral sensation, something which is first and foremost felt. A sweeping plane, a darkened void, or a lively colour can activate the imagination and create a sense of mystery.

These works embrace the possibilities in curved and slanting forms, which I hope bring motion to ideas of interdependency, connection and intimacy. Connection, not simply understood by way of process, or viewing,
but through the organisation of individual parts.

A single curve, is simultaneously concave and convex, equally full and hollow. The question of what it offers in space,
and how it makes something or someone feel, is asked.

Although nonrepresentational, the spaces may feel open and revealing, or compressed and concealing. The curvaceous and expressive forms equally frame, suggest and emphasise what is not there, what is invisible,
and what presence can be felt.

These works are dedicated to, the woman who lived,
taught and breathed beauty and love.

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