Sandra Taylor

27 October – 21 November 2018


Sandra Taylor

"The Thrill has Gone…"
sings Merv. Let’s sing it with Merv

about the artist

all works 57×34cm
acrylic on brown paper carry bag

Sandra Taylor

Happily Ever After

27 October – 21 November 2018

Sandra Taylor’s reputation was won in the 70s with her satirical works on Sydney suburban life.

She was foremost in this country to break free from the stronghold of traditional ceramics and has influenced generations of students.
Her inclusion in the 3rd Sydney Biennale, 1979 was seen as an acknowledgement of Contemporary Australian ceramics at a time when it was still in the craft arena.

In the early 80s Taylor left Sydney and took up living “in the land of the last dying stockman”. She made work about human striving amidst the vastness and effortless of nature.

Taylor was granted an Australian Council Fellowship in the mid 90s. She is represented in the Australian National Gallery and most State and regional galleries.

Last year Grafton Regional Gallery presented True Stories, a retrospective of Sandra Taylor’s work from 1975-2017.

Taylor sums up her achievements
Once upon a time I made a series of little ceramic hand bags and stamped GUCCI all over them in response to a new fashion phenomena. Designer labels began appearing on the outside of garments instead of on the inside and high fashion devotees transformed into human billboard. We must have liked this idea, just look at us now.

Anyhow one of these little clay GUCCI bags went on to win itself a prestigious ceramic award in Italy, homeland of Mr Gucci himself. It made news in all the Sydney papers and I was suddenly seen as somebody I hadn’t been the day before.

And here I am 40 years down the track picking up on the shopping thing again. This time it’s paintings on paper bags and I suddenly realise I haven’t travelled very far at all

Happily Ever After
is Taylor’s latest body of work

Wouldn’t you agree that our lives are a messy mix of pretty and ugly pictures as we grope around trying to work out why we are here and what we are supposed to do with ourselves while we are here

And when they tell us love is all there is, well, we have to deal with the want of it, the lack of it & the mess we make of ourselves trying to get it

Love is a many splendid thing. So when we’re looking for it, it’s absolutely necessary to do a lot of shopping. When we’ve got it, then its really essential to do lots more shopping. And when we lose it, well, shopping is the only way to mend a broken heart

Look at me now from Robin Gibson on Vimeo.

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