Sculpture 26

22 March – 15 April 2014


Erwin Fabian

Palinode 2013 steel 131×90×39cm

Sculpture 26
26th Annual Sculpture Show

22 March – 15 April 2014
Opening Tuesday 25 March 6-8pm

Peter Baka Richard Byrnes Karen Choy Erwin Fabian Geoff Harvey Simon Hodgson Patricia Lawrence Marilyn McGrath Clement Meadmore Chico Monks Richard Morris Phillip Piperides Oliffe Richmond Hui Selwood Randall Sinnamon Ernest Smith Terry Stringer Anne Wienholt

  • simon-hodgson

    Simon Hodgson

    Withdrawn Space #1 6mm round bar & reclaimed steel 206×225×59cm

  • peter-baka

    Peter Baka

    I gave you my heart (detail) 55×32×8cm found objects

  • peter-baka

    Peter Baka

    I gave you my heart 55×32×8cm found objects

  • peter-baka

    Peter Baka

    Navel gazing 66×50×13cm wood, cup, doll, buttons, microscope $1,430

  • karen-choy

    Karen Choy

    At the Circus white earthenware paper clay, lead sancai glaze 28×26×17cm $1,000

  • geoff-harvey

    Geoff Harvey

    Flight steel, edition of 10, 66×23×12cm $990 each

  • patricia-lawrence

    Patricia Lawrence

    Due Forme bronze 1/6 17×26×18cm $4,980

  • marilyn-mcgrath

    Marilyn McGrath

    Wave V bronze 1/3 36×55×52cm

  • clement-meadmore

    Clement Meadmore

    Hereabout 1971 78.5×50×40cm bronze 1/4

  • chico-monks

    Chico Monks

    Workshop 44×38×9cm $1,100

  • richard-morris

    Richard Morris

    Lighthouse 15×22×5cm enamel on wood (wall piece) $1,200

  • phillip-piperides

    Phillip Piperides

    Resting Muse 36×24×24cm bronze $4,300

  • oliffe-richmond

    Oliffe Richmond

    Portrait of Mrs Waehlin Richmond c 1960 bronze, granite base A/P ed. of 5 31×23×20cm $20,000

  • hui-selwood

    Hui Selwood

    Vortex 3 painted steel 400cm high $53,000

    Included in the 2014 Sculpture at Sawmillers Prize

  • randall-sinnamon

    Randall Sinnamon

    Buttoned Herron 39×24×33cm steel, oregon pine, kangaroo pelvis, leather $2,300

  • ernest-smith

    Ernest Smith

    Black & While Ball Axe 21×26×8cm clay, earhenware applied inderglazes & wood $500

  • terry-stringer

    Terry Stringer

    From the garden of Bosch 2013, bronze unique 57cm high $6,800

  • anne-wienholt

    Anne Wienholt

    Fragment 31×8×9cm bronze, wood base, unique

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