October 2016


Clement Meadmore

Swing 1969 bronze 13×23×17cm


a selection of sculptures currently available from our stockroom
October 2016

  • simon-hodgson

    Simon Hodgson

    Withdrawn Space #1 6mm round bar & reclaimed steel 206×225×59cm

  • artists/hui-selwood

    Hui Selwood

    steel & wood 33×9×9cm

  • geoff-harvey

    Geoff Harvey

    Sooty (the cat) 53×30×14cm wood

  • erwin-fabian

    Erwin Fabian

    Whim 112×48×25cm steel

  • samantha-stephenson

    Samantha Stephenson

    Apollo X 46×35×23cm painted steel (wallpiece)

  • richard-byrnes

    Richard Byrnes

    Equestrian 50×41×14cm wood & ceramic

  • patricia-lawrence

    Patricia Lawrence

    Reader Kneeling 91×36×62cm bronze

  • peter-baka

    Peter Baka

    I gave you my heart 55×32×8cm found objects

  • Karen Choy

    Laid to Roost 21×23×13cm white earthenware, lead sancai glaze $900

  • Terry Stringer

    Intercut Head of a Boy bronze 86cm high

  • mark-thompson

    Mark Thompson

    Grim Brother No. 1 50cm high earthenware, gold lustre and gold leaf

  • marilyn-mcgrath

    Marilyn McGrath

    Balmoral Fig, Variation 1-4 bronze 13×11×11cm (available as a group or individually

  • richard-morris

    Richard Morris

    Jetty 52×112×15cm (wallpiece) enamel on wood panels

  • artists/phillip-piperides

    Phillip Piperides

    (very) Small Torso 17×6×4cm bronze with marble base

  • oliffe-richmond

    Oliffe Richmond

    Lizard Man Variation 2 1962 bronze 36.5×16.5×13.5cm

  • randall-sinnamon

    Randall Sinnamon

    Speckled Inspector Bird 31×38×24cm found objects / mixed media

  • sandra-taylor

    Sandra Taylor

    Zen & the Art of Livestock Leaping 27cm high ceramic

  • spirit-boat

    Anne Wienholt

    Spirit Boat 25×22×8cm bronze

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