Terry Stringer

25 October – 19 November 2014


Terry Stringer

Looking Back (four views) 58cm high bronze

"We are susceptible as humans to seek out faces and figures in what we are looking at. I enjoy the immediacy of the transformation between images of people on different sides of the same sculpture. The shock of the shift, here implying the boy remembers the woman."

Looking Back and Other Stories
Opening Tuesday 28 October 6-8pm
25 October – 19 November 2014

Put two subjects together in an artwork, and they conjure a narrative. As my work involves adding contradictory aspects to a sculpture, there are constant reminders going through my mind of other times and other art.

In a way, every exhibition is a collection of such stories. In this editing there is an S shaped idea that is the format for most of the tales told here. These are tales with a twist.

Terry Stringer 2014

Terry Stringer is a leading New Zealand sculptor. He trained at Elam School of Fine Arts graduating with Honours in 1967 and in the following years received virtually every significant scholarship and award available to New Zealand artists. In the late 1970s he was awarded the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council Scholarship three times.

He is a key figure in the history of art in New Zealand, a sculptor with an established reputation. This was acknowledged in 2003 when he was the recipient of the country’s national honour, the ONZM (Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit). His signature works have become synonymous with high profile public sites throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand, including The Risen Christ in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square, his Grand Head in Wellington. He has just completed The World Grasped for Newmarket, Auckland.

In addition to public and private sculpture commissions, Terry Stringer has been involved in various theatrical projects. Downstage Theatre, Wellington commissioned him to design sets and costumes for Cabaret, and the Royal New Zealand Ballet for Images of Desire.

Throughout his career Stringer has exhibited extensively, with solo shows in Auckland, Sydney, Los Angeles and London. He lives and works at his sculpture park Zealandia, north of Auckland, New Zealand.

Dr Robin Woodward
Department of Art History
University of Auckland

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