11 June – 13 July 2016


David Eastwood

Model 24.5×19.5cm acrylic on board


new work | group show

Opening Tuesday 14 June 6pm
11 June – 13 July 2016

Peter Baka Gina Bruce Karen Choy David Eastwood Katherine Edney Garry Foye Guy Gilmour Geoff Harvey Kyra Henley Ted Hillyer Andrew Hopkins Patricia Lawrence Ian Pearson Jeff Rigby Samantha Stephenson Mark Thompson Zoe Tweedale Murat Urlali

  • zoe-tweedale

    Zoe Tweedale

    Negotiations 90×70cm oil on canvas

  • peter-baka

    Peter Baka

    Horse 116×91×19cm mixed media/found objects

  • andrew-hopkins

    Andrew Hopkins

    Taylor Square II 76×76cm acrylic on canvas

  • samantha-stephenson

    Samantha Stephenson

    Tenuous Web 51×75×31cm painted steel

  • gina-bruce

    Gina Bruce

    Day Break 130×97cm acrylic on polyester

  • katherine-edney

    Katherine Edney

    The Otherside 50.5×67cm oil on wood

  • kyra-henley

    Kyra Henley

    Alfresco 122×102cm oil on canvas

  • guy-gilmour

    Guy Gilmour

    Bathroom 61×61cm acrylic on polyester

  • patricia-lawrence

    Patricia Lawrence

    Reader Kneeling 91×36×62cm bronze

  • peter-baka

    Peter Baka

    Horse 116×91×19cm mixed media/found objects

  • murat-urlali

    Murat Urlali

    Adam & Steve, Thanks Albie! (After Durer) Diptych, Each 198×101.5cm, oil, acrylic, enamel, glitter, liner and rhinestones on canvas

  • geoff-harvey

    Geoff Harvey

    Bare Island 83×120cm acrylic on board

  • karen-choy

    Karen Choy

    Jade Duck 19×21×10cm stoneware

  • jeff-rigby

    Jeff Rigby

    Evening Taylor Square 25×30cm

  • mark-thompson

    Mark Thompson

    Grim Brother No. 2 50cm high earthenware, gold lustre and gold leaf

  • ian-pearson

    Ian Pearson

    Monet's Japanese Bridge (impasto) 60×60cm oil on canvas

  • ted-hillyer

    Ted Hillyer

    Into the Morning Light 61×61cm oil on canvas

  • garry-foye

    Garry Foye

    Coast 100×100cm oil on canvas

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