Zoe Tweedale

7 September – 2 October 2013


Zoe Tweedale

Lion 160×180cm oil on canvas

about the artist

Private View Tuesday 10 September
7 September – 2 October 2013

My current works are part of a larger ongoing body of work entitled Bestiary: a collection and examination of broadly theatrical characters, linked by a focus on aspects of ‘beasts’ and ‘beastliness’ in both animals and humans

The ‘beasts’ comprising my bestiary are both human and animal, representations of types, species and personalities, with animals functioning as both a challenge and companion to the human characters

Singular and iconic on their otherwise empty coloured stages, the characters in my paintings form part of an examination of the animal, ‘beast’ characteristics innate in humans, and of ‘human’ traits in animals, and how we can perceive certain species as being heroic, cowardly or malicious. As human

Michael Fitzgerald, Sydney Morning Herald
“Among her coolly staged portraits of exotic creatures – from a dangling beluga to a coiled pangolin – young National Art School painting graduate Zoe Tweedale has captured unusually costumed humans in psychological states just as vulnerable and watchful, as if in fear of their own shadows”

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