Peter Delorenzo


Peter De Lorenzo

R_8sept_11 (detail 1)
acrylic on canvas 107×122cm

about the artist

online exhibition
winter 2012

You ask why I paint abstract pictures, what are they about?

I answer by saying it is like you are listening to a piece of music, for example by Bach, there is structure that comes from maths, patterns which recur, are repeated with variations; you take away a feeling of calm;
Horizontal and vertical shapes filled with intense reds and yellows…

It is also like being in Paris and looking at stained glass windows in a cathedral while listening to a solo voice or a choir or a flute– you get a feeling which might be excitement, or a sense of peace, then you see the repeating patterns in intense blues and reds as the light shines through the windows;
Small squares in active diagonal rhythms, sometimes with tonal contrasts of deep blues and pale ochres…

And then there are the extraordinary Robertson sunsets…

There are no images you can recognise in my paintings, but as you spend some time engaging with the work, I feel that I have been successful if you are able to share something of that same feeling.

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