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Anne Wienholt


Anne Wienholt

The most interesting quality of Anne Wienholt’s sculpture and drawings is her constant searching for the innocent vision of the unspoilt eye. Through the act of drawing, and drawing quickly so that it is instinctive and not a selfconscious act, Anne Wienholt stalks reality for this elusive quality. It is a difficult pursuit because we are all more or less drowned in stereotyped ideas about what our eyes see and find it impossible to look beyond the verbal boundaries to the mystery of things in space and time. Anne Wienholt’s sculpture is the final outcome of this searching. It is sophisticated, private, vulnerable and original.

Lou Klepac

For me drawing is the basis, the underpinning, the compost, if you like, for the all the visual arts. Its difficulties lie not in the hand or eye, but with the self-conscious mind. Sadly, by adulthood most of us have censored out nine-tenths of the visual world (Don’t stare child!) and content ourselves by seeing only what we “know” to be there. While in actual fact men and women, flowers, dogs, and hats, look far more curious, strange and wonderful, than we have permitted ourselves to believe. So it is with visual curiosity I would like to approach the world, and have my work in its several forms so approached.

My drawings are in rag paper, often of intermediate tone. A graphite stick or 6B pencil is used, and sometimes touches of pastel pencil are added.

Anne Wienholt

Anne Wienholt was born in Leura NSW in 1920. After studying at the East Sydney Technical College under William Dobell and Frank Medworth, Anne was awarded the 1944 NSW Travalling Scholarship which enabled her to travel to the United States where she arrived on January 1, 1945. Anne had boarded at Merioola, a house in Rosemont Avenue, Woollahra run by Chica Lowe that was home to a number of artists in the 1940s including Donald Friend, Justin O’Brien, Francis Lymburner, Loudon Sainthill, Mitty Lee Brown, Kate O’Brien and Alec Murray. In New York she studied painting with Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Rufino Tamayo, and printmaking with Stanley William Hayter. After a period in Kingston Jamaica, she also lived in North America, with frequent travels to Europe and regular visits back to Australia. She lived in California from 1970 until she died in 2018. She was a sculptor, painter and addicted to drawing.


Anne Wienholt

Anne Wienholt 2008

Anne Wieholt

1920 Born Leura NSW Australia
1938-41 East Sydney Technical College
1944 Awared NSW Travelling Scholarship
1945 Art Students League, New York, USA (Yashuo Kuniyoshi’s Class of 1945)
1947-48 Brooklyn Museum Fine Art School, New York, USA (Rufino Tamayo Class, Winter)
1948-50 Atelier 17, New York, USA (experimental graphic workshop of Stanley William Hayter (Winter)
1948-50 Travel studies, Europe and UK
1968 Teacher, Jamaican School of Art
1970 Moved to California and continued study of sculpture at College of Marin (with Farhad Moezzi and Rick Hall)
2018 died California

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Robin Gibson Gallery
2020 Robin Gibson Gallery
2019 College of Marin Fine Arts Gallery, Kentfield California (June)
2019 Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
2007 Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
2004 Brian Moore Gallery, Sydney
2003 Brian Moore Gallery, Sydney
1990 Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide
1989 David Jones’ Art Gallery, Sydney
1986 Painters Gallery, Sydney
1985 Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide
1984 David Jones’ Art Gallery, Sydney
1984 Irving Sculpture Gallery, Sydney
1982 Cirrus Gallery, Mill Valley, California
1978 Corte Madera Library, California
1974-75 Humboldt Galleries, San Francisco
1973 Genesis Gallery, Mill Valley, California
1971 Intersection Gallery, San Francisco
1969 Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
1966 Middleton Gallery, Middleton, NY
1949 Charles Fourth Gallery, New York
1948 Carl Ashby Gallery, New York
1942 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions

since 1999 numerous groups shows at Robin Gibson Gallery
1988 Merioola and Beyond, Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
1986 Gift to the Gallery, S.H.Ervin Gallery, Sydney
1985 Merioola and After, S.H.Ervin Gallery, Sydney
1984 Australian Prints, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
1983 Contemporary Views, Fine Arts Gallery, College of Marin, Kentfield, California
1980 San Francisco Art Festival, Fort Mason, California
1980 Redding Museum, Redding, California
1980 San Jose Art Center, San Jose, California
1979 Functional Forms, Oregon State University, Cornvallis
1978 Northern California Figure Dawing, Rose/Bernardi Gallery, Sausalito, California
1978 Fibre Show, Mill Valley Arts Guild, California
1977 Metal Arts Guild Exhibition, Sun Gallery, Hayward, California
1976 22nd Annual Drawing and Small Sculpture Show, Ball State University Art Gallery, Muncie, Indiana
California State Fair, Sacramento, California
1973 Designer/Craftsman ’76, Richmond Art Center, California
1972 Designer/Craftsman ’76, Richmond Art Center, California
1971 60th Fine Arts Exhibition, Austin, Texas
1971  The Metal Experience, Oakland Museum, California
1971  Annual National Exhibition of Prints and Drawings, Oklahoma Art Center, Oklahoma City
1950 Northwest Printmakers, Seattle Art Museum
1949 National Print Annual Exhibition, The Brooklyn Museum
1944 New South Wales Travelling Art Scholarship, c. 1944-11-22 “ 1944, (National) Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
1943 Contemporary Art Society (Victorian branch) exhibition, Melbourne, Victoria
1941 Australian Aboriginal Art and Its Application, David Jones Gallery, Sydney


Brooklyn Museum, New York City
National Art School, Sydney
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
City of Los Altos, California
Rockhampton Art Gallery, Queensland
Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
University of Queensland, Brisbane
Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Newcastle, New South Wales
Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
Corporate and Private collections in the USA, UK and Australia including the Margaret Hannah Olley Foundation.

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