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Mungo Howard


Mungo Howard

Suburban study
40×30×4cm acrylic and render on board

My practice revolves around wandering; collecting fragments and using my camera to sample compositions within the everyday environment. I frequently employ mediated processes such as printing and casting, and I welcome the inescapable interference of chance variation within these systems of creation. The resulting works exist ambiguously as faux relics which refer to both the formal language of abstraction and to the legacy of the readymade through their found painterly compositions

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Artist statement from 2020 solo exhibition FACADE

I think my intention is to communicate the feeling of encountering these kinds of unconscious painterly things on urban wanderings, which is a kind of walking that has artistic precedents since the emergence of the modern city

I primarily use photography and casting as my means to incorporate these found compositions into paintings. In some ways they’re all personal souvenirs of specific places in particular moments in time, but open to being appreciated in a more formal sense as colours and textures within an abstract picture

My fascination with archaeological fragments and inscriptions comes out in the common focus on surfaces, particularly those of walls which also nod to a history of painting embedded within architecture and running from caves to frescoes and graffiti

Mungo Howard

Mungo Howard completed his BFA at The National Art School, Sydney in 2019 and is currently enrolled in an MFA there. He was awarded the 2019 Mark Henry Cain Memorial Travel Scholarship, United Kingdom (2020)


Masters of Fine Arts (MFA), National Art School, (current)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), National Art School, 2019

Solo Exhibitions

2020 (29 August – 23 September) Robin Gibson Gallery, Darlinghurst

Group Exhibitions

2020 Contemporary Ruins, aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney (upcoming)
2020 Millennium Cherry, Online Exhibition at Artereal Gallery, Sydney
2020 Object, Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
2020 Cross X Roads, Ching-a-Lings Bar, Sydney
2020 Clyde & Co Art Award, Sydney
2020 Happening in 2020, Robin Gibson Gallery, Darlinghurst
2020 gaffa Grad show, gaffa, Sydney
2019 National Art School 2019 Graduate Show
2019 Cross X Roads, Hideaway Bar, Enmore
2019 Open Day Drawing Show, National Art School, Sydney
2019 Enigma, Library Stairwell Gallery National Art School, Sydney
2018 Landscape, Hoff Gallery Space National Art School, Sydney

Awards and Residencies

2020 Clyde & Co Art Award (finalist)
2019 Mark Henry Cain Memorial Travel Scholarship, United Kingdom (2020)
2019 Parkers Sydney Fine Art Painting Award

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