Robin Gibson Gallery

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Arts Project Australia

Robin Gibson Gallery proudly presents a selection of artists from Arts Project Australia

10 March – 11 April 2018
Opening 6pm Thursday March 15

Alan Constable (Courtesy Darren Knight Gallery)
Patrick Francis
Matthew Gove
Jodie Noble
Mark Smith

Arts Project Australia is a centre of excellence that supports 110 artists with intellectual disabilities, promoting their work and advocating for inclusion within contemporary art practice.

Since its inception, Arts Project Australia has continued to strive for excellence, both in the quality of the exhibitions presented and the quality of the innovative studio program. Established in 1974, they have continually been a leader and innovator in the arts and disability sectors. They were the first full time arts studio in Australia for artists with an intellectual disability, and over the past 40 years have built an enviable reputation nationally and internationally for the creative and individual studio philosophy, as well as the outstanding artwork produced there.

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