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Katherine Edney

Made in Zim

29 September – 24 October 2018

In 2016, my partner, Ben, and I backpacked through parts of southern Africa. Our starting point to this part of the world was Harare in Zimbabwe – incidentally where Ben’s father grew up. As we visited places around Harare, like his father’s old house and school, locals were curious as to why we had chosen to to come to their city. They explained to us that, these days, it was rare to see travellers around town

The title of the exhibition, “Made in Zim”, refers to what the locals called each other, ‘Zim’ (as in from Zimbabwe). Ben, by default of his heritage, was also automatically and affectionately titled ‘Zim’

Likewise, the paintings are ‘made’ of a small collection of memories from our time there. The title of each work is a reference to something I either saw, whether it be a sign in a museum or on the street, or something I was told

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