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Peter Baka

Layers of Dissatisfaction

works on paper

10 August “ 4 September 2019

drinks 4pm Saturday 10 August

This series of works reflects my memories and impressions of faces, bodies, rooms and landscapes, exploring artistically the ambiguity they provoke. Leaning towards a simplicity of materials and approach allowed me to work in a spontaneous and loosening manner, I wanted to push past my usual boundaries. Each work developed its own little formula and process, often being put away for a while and then picked up later for another ‘layer’ of participation. Regarding it once more before me, I became aware of certain areas that I sensed needed more work, a new colour or a change of expression or texture. Each layer brought a sense of relief, like ‘scratching the itch’, …until possibly its next viewing. Hence the layers began to build, impelled by this awkward discomfort.

I noticed my choices took on a life of their own in regard to choosing colours from the spread of paint tubes on my table. Metallic gold, silver and copper as well as luminous blues or pearly pinks, came to hand. Working on (A3 and A4) paper and photo images has freed me from the constricting perception of permanence. Even my memories begin to abstract in the protective studio space so that the timeless dimension of creativity seemed immanent, sometimes reached. Touching the swamp-like depths, stirred the surface, and not knowing produced a form of knowledge in itself.

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