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Peter Baka

Walking on sunshine (WOOF WOOF part 2)

23 October – 17 November 2021

WOOF WOOF is a standard bark to say “hello” and “hey” This comfortable bark means all is well in doggy world. When we are together with our dogs we experience all our senses, touch our wilder selves. Dogs are a personʼs best friend. People and dogs developed a symbolic relationship And we tend to find that we need them almost as much they need us.

Self-taught artist Peter Baka was born in Adelaide in 1957. Although having exhibited his work in galleries since 1982 he would be considered by many to be an “outsider” artist

His diverse interests are evident from one exhibition to another, while his naive manner of working utilising materials and resources readily available to him provide a common thread. In his assemblages, paintings and etchings he always offers us a delightful view into his idiosyncratic, warm and honest take on the human condition

Peter has been represented by Robin Gibson Gallery since 1986. His works are held in numerous private and public collections including the National Gallery of Australia Canberra, and the Art Gallery of South Australia

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