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Zoe Tweedale

Wild Suburbia solo exhibition at Robin Gibson Gallery 2018

Zoe Tweedale

Wild Suburbia

4 – 29 August 2018
Opening 4pm Saturday 4 August

With the growth of our cities, the suburban sprawl spreads ever outwards, devouring once wild places, while existing areas become further developed, losing their trees, gardens and green spaces. Wild Suburbia surveys some of the wildlife that lives within the garden of my own suburban home, an oasis of trees in a developing suburb. These animals are plentiful and familiar, but their habitat and presence in the suburban landscape is deceptively fragile.

The suburbs are an inbetween space, existing in the zone between the chaos and energy of the city and the vast open spaces of bushland and the country. They are not renowned for their architectural or natural beauty, but nonetheless they form a unique ecosystem.

These suburban animals are hardy, adaptable and often quite intelligent: qualities that they use to navigate the sometimes hostile territory that forms their home.

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