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Zoe Tweedale

Installation photo of Zoe Tweedale's 2020 solo exhibition Blackbirds

Zoe Tweedale


21 November – 16 December 2020

Blackbirds is an examination of the diversity and beauty of Australia’s birds and an elegy for the year that was, a shadow of grief in particular for the catastrophic bushfires which killed billions of animals and destroyed so much precious habitat

As part of my ongoing interrogation of subject and space, colour and mood, abstraction and figuration – which harkens to studio photography, still-life and the activated non-place of the theatrical stage – my blackbirds live in spaces where their natural context is in the process of being stripped away or changed to something unnatural and alien, relics of a vanishing world, an intimation of a future where the threats of climate change and habitat destruction are not taken seriously. But not all is bleakness, because these blackbirds cannot help but be wild, wondrous and beautiful: singing, enquiring and flocking together

Blackbirds was painted on Awabakal country

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