Andrew Hopkins

22 July – 16 August 2017


Andrew Hopkins

Chez Coco 2017 acrylic on canvas 102×102cm

At times I like to work organically, starting with a few loose shapes. At other times I place mixed imagery together. I like to be looking down on a landscape from a semi-aerial perspective or put myself in the painting or be by a creek looking out, so it’s a multiplicity of views that I’m portraying. My horizon line may end up being chopped up into three different segments, so it becomes like three horizon lines in one painting. When working from place, the imagery floats in and angular formations appear

Andrew Hopkins’ paintings can be considered a celebration of visual experience. Memories of specific sites, their colour, texture, structure and atmosphere are woven together to generate a different sense of space. Organic transformations of renewal, destruction, growth and decay are found in nature and in the built environment regardless of place. These processes are reflected in Hopkins’ compositions – the layering of paint, the chaos for instance, based on travels in India and Nepal, of ramshackle buildings, fluoro pink saris, demolition, floods and trees. This particular visual dynamic has come to characterise the artist’s practice

Allens Art Journal Issue 3

For a pdf of the Journal, click on the following link
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