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Ian Pearson


Ian Pearson

Fantin variation #3
60×60cm oil on canvas


My recent works address notions of place and belonging within the conceptual framework of notions of masculinity/femininity constructed around a matrix benignly alluded to by intergenerational concepts of unaligned malignancy often framed by indigenous/anthropological supremacy raising questions and demolishing stereotypical ideas formulated by a patriarchal nemesis and hegemony dictated within hierarchic manifestations and alluding to a quasi political indoctrination often referred to as the “quallude syndrome” in the inter-textural manifestations of the French post-hypnotics in their Paris Manifesto of the late twentieth century and re-visited by certain train drivers who saw it as an attack on their credibility which investigates/de-constructs notions of temporality and seeks to un-pack relationships and inveigle the demonstrably innocuous accretions of a post-colonial intransigence dictated to an by an indifferent yet morally obsequious ruling class otherwise known as “the Rumpleshards” and often dismissed by the intransigent “upholders of taste” as being nothing more than parsimonious dictators interested only in the plebian ambitions of the culturally challenged and speaks of a complex personal engagement with notions of good/evil,big/small,loud/quiet, and the obsfucations intrinsic in any attempt to indoctrinate/pacify the cultural “norm”

I also just like to paint!

Ian Pearson

Born in 1951 in England, Ian Pearson currently lives and works in Northern NSW

Pearson has been exhibiting since 1977 and his works can be found in numerous private, corportate and public collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra and Lismore Regional Gallery

Robin Gibson Gallery has represented Ian since 1977

Ian Pearson

1951 Born in England
1960 Arrived in Australia
1969 Architecture, University of New South Wales
1970-1972 Fine Arts, Sydney University
1973-1976 Diploma in Art, Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education
1978-1986 Tutor (part-time), Drawing Painting and Printmaking, National Art School, East Sydney Technical College
1987-1998 Tutor / Lecturer (part-time), Drawing, Painting and Printmaking Southern Cross University
1999-2005 Tutor, drawing/painting, Lismore TAFE

Solo Exhibitions

2022 ‘Intuitive Variation’ Robin Gibson Gallery
2021 ‘Arcadia’ Robin Gibson Gallery
2018 ‘Matisse, Tom & Co’, Robin Gibson Gallery
2017 ‘Out on a Limb’ Robin Gibson Gallery
2015 ‘Just a thought’, Robin Gibson Gallery
2014 ‘Eye Music’ Robin Gibson Gallery
2007 ‘Re-creation’ Robin GIbson Gallery
2003 ‘Postcards from Byron’ Australian High Commission, London
1998 ‘Nil by mouth’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1995 ‘Sign Language’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1993 ‘Mouth to Mouth’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1992 ‘Illusions of Grandeur’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1991 ‘Floating World’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1989 ‘Pictures from a garden’ Editions “ Southbank, Melbourne ‘One hand clapping’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1988 ‘Surface Parodies’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1986 ‘Stop Making Sense’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1985 ‘Totems and Tokens’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1984 ‘Paintings on Paper’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1983 ‘Constructed Paintings’, Robin Gibson Gallery ‘Automatic Paintings’, Bonython “ Meadmore Gallery, Adelaide
1981 ‘Prints and Paintings’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1979 ‘Prints and Paintings’, Robin Gibson Gallery
1977 ‘Prints and Paintings’, Robin Gibson Gallery


Australian National Gallery, Canberra
New Parliament House, Canberra
Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW
Sydney Stock Exchange
Banque Nationale de Paris
Planning and Environment Commission
BHP Collection
McCann-Erickson, Sydney
Elton John Collection
Lismore Regional Gallery
Maitland City Gallery
Australia Club
University of NSW Collection
Wendy Whitely Collection
Launceston Regional Gallery

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