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Amy Crowther

Ce matin-là
40×35cm oil on board

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Amy Crowther

Warm regards

26 November – 21 December 2022


Sydney based oil painter Amy Crowther draws inspiration from the golden years, painting a capsule of what was.

A naivety to chaos.

A glimmer of hope after battle.

An excuse to see for yourself.

Picture painting welcomes dreams of the familiar yet out of touch.

Warm browns, wispy blues and a sea of sepia imitate sun-bleached pictures on your grandmas’ dresser. Days you can’t remember without seeing the family album.

Incorporating hardware like hinges to join panels, reflecting on the decorative, tactile and domestic style of painting and hanging.

An inspiration for the narratives of Crowthers’ paintings comes from the humor of authors Ray Davies, Roald Dahl and Tom Robbins.

Tiptoeing the line between naïve and wayward.

Inspiration is drawn from Degas’ and Vuillards’ Keyhole paintings, as well as Vallottons tall horizon and Les Nabis broad colour contrasts and blocking.


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