Robin Gibson Gallery

modern + contemporary

Happening in 2020

A group show of artists showing in 2020

8 February – 4 March
drinks 6pm Wednesday 12 February

PeterBaka PeterBlayney GinaBruce RichardByrnes MargaretEarly MartinEdge KatherineEdney GuyGilmour KyraHenley TedHillyer AndrewHopkins MungoHoward BenKing PatriciaLawrence ElwynLynn MacMansfield ClementMeadmore MarilynMcGrath RichardMorris ScottOwen SassyPark PhillipPiperides SamanthaStephenson TerryStringer SandraTaylor ZoeTweedale MelanieWaugh BryanWestwood AnneWienholt CarolineZilinsky

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