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Geoff Harvey

Working from home

13 March – 7 April 2021

After leaving school I worked for an architect in Paddington finishing drawings to present to council. This is where my interest in buildings really began. Now, many years later, where I live, work or travel I can’t help but notice architecture. In all its styles, form & scale I find it interesting.

I am naturally drawn to older buildings that have developed rich textures & patinas with time. Often weathered and dilapidated, these dwellings were originally built by skilled craftsmen who took pride in their creations. And they still possess a deeper wisdom that some newer buildings sadly lack. Although not always totally practical they are beautiful to me.

These buildings have beckoned me to paint them for years and I have now responded with this body of work.

“Working from Home” features some of my favorite buildings that I have long admired.

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