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Patricia Lawrence

14 May – 8 June 2022

Abstract figurative forms, an interest in the distribution of mass in space, and a concern for conveying human emotions are the hallmarks of Patricia Lawrence’s artistic practice. Working in the lost wax casting technique, Patricia creates reductive, modernist influenced sculptures that capture states of repose and muse on human relationships.

Patricia Lawrence was born in 1930 and graduated from Adelaide University with a Science Degree, majoring in Math and Physics. It was not until 1983 that she took up an interest in sculpture, attending classes at the Art Institute, New Brunswick, and the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA. Upon her return to Australia, Patricia completed two years’ study at the Tom Bass School, Sydney. After a period of working with Kim Mahood and working independently, she travelled to New York and studied at the Sculpture Center Studios in Manhattan. Here, she undertook classes in stone carving, portrait and figure studies, and drawing for sculpture. Several institutions including the University of New South Wales, the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in Sydney, and the University of New England have her works.

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